March 23, 2014


Since it is now Spring and the weather should be getting better, everyone is able to start working outside in there yards and sitting outside on their porches. I was going to the grocery store this morning and noticed that there are more yard sign printing than there was last week. So many advertisements than usual. Mostly just for lawn care and roof repairs. But it is a good way to get your name out there if you are in business for yourself.


I have a four year old daughter and boy is my nerves and patients running out. She is add and adhd like her father and I have read just about everything I can to help me and her with this condition and nothing seems to help. She is acting out very badly, the doctor recommended therapy for her but she can not sit still for 2 minutes, and she can not stop talking for 60 seconds. She is going from the time she wakes up until she goes to bed. No resting period.

November 22, 2013


Isnt life crazy sometimes? You have to hit rock bottom sometimes before you can get back up in life. I have also experienced and now believe that the hardest thing is walking away from the one that you love because after so many chances and abusive to better myself my life along with my childrens life is to walk away.


I have been talking to people and doing some reading you know there is a lot of people starting their own business they all want to be their own boss. Which is fine if you have the funds and work hard anyone can be successful with it but the best thing and most important is to get an attorney for contract disputes because you will need one eventually. Always make sure you have paperwork and receipts for everything along with organization with filing.

November 9, 2013

Make money

November 6, 2013

Help Please

Please help me and my children.
Click on this link to hear my story.

March 2, 2013


My daugter is becoming the best little chef ever. She has been slacking awhile now. I think its because we dont have a home, plus she says she needs more cookbooks. I've been picking her up a few here & there since she wants to go to culinary school. The only think I miss is after working 6 days a week with a second job, on sundays she used to make her danelectro french toast. YUMMMM!!!!"

January 26, 2013


Now I have really came across a word that I dont have a clue it is... coilhose pneumatics , well I was stumped there for a minute and decided to look into it futher it has sonething to do with hydraulics. I dont know man language at all so I am still clueless.

November 17, 2012


Speaking of having a healthy spine the new year is soon coming and with all the new years resolutions starting why not start a new exercise that will help improve your spine, along with your mind and spirit of course. Maybe look into yoga supplies. People do say that yoga is very calming and peaceful. And the flexibility you gain by doing it. Women think of how your man would like the flexibility in the bedroom.


While I was at the pediatricians office today with my sick daughter, I was reading an article regarding a new orleans neurosurgeon. If you are having back trouble and have had pain associated with it, you might want to consider looking into one. All your issues in life you can fix but you only get one spine and your health depends on having a good strong healthy spine.